2021 Update

This year I started in Romania, in a place called Deva in a hotel room, because of curfew. With two of my lovely human souls which I know since the last months, I could celebrate the end of 2020 and in future I would love to meet all my other friends again too. With the two friends I get along very well and we shared the last moments of that year 2020 together and traveled more countries afterwards in transit to go back home to Switzerland.

After the 30 first minutes of my new Year 2021, I was already going to sleep. It was not because I set my limits to this Corona situation (you can party everywhere), no, it was simply because I was tired of 2020. And I was again traveling day by day, hour by hour into 2021. Nevertheless, sleeping is so refreshing and peaceful, and I did not miss anything. I wish for myself in 2021 and the following years new opportunities, different „expect the unexpected“ adventures and a lot of love, sex and fun, such as growth, knowledge and a healthy lifestyle.

Whatever is coming, I am sure to make the best out of it. And I will keep you updated. New ideas are in my mind and the blossom will flourish soon. Happy New Year !!!

Andrea 12.01.2021 in Switzerland where I am currently living.


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