Friends Links

Here some links from friends and my personal connection and story to each of them. If you want to add yours, let me know.

Tanya Maljkovic is my friend since 2006, we met first in Canada and worked together in a summer camp. We have seen us in Switzerland and Croatia again and keep in touch occasionally. She is an author, blogger and content creator and published a book. 

Cornelia Ritler-Rufer is my sister. She is drawing pictures. Facebook Atelier Z13.

Samantha Treyer is my friend since 2007, we worked together in the same company for about 2 years, shared an apartment later in Zurich together and we have fun now and then. She is filming and takes pictures.

Ferdinand Poellath is a friend since 2015, I met him in Bali in a surf camp and we meet us every year at the ITB in Berlin. He published a book. – Der Pfad des Helden – Der Weg zu dir selbst und hinauf.

Alexandra Diethelm is a friend I met 2015 in the train in Russia and since then often in Zurich or at the ITB in Berlin. Now she moved to New Zealand.

Daniel Mooser is my uncle and he has got a nice apartment to rent in the mountains in Switzerland.

Daniel Wunderlin is my friend since we shared an appartement with some others in Lucerne, in 2010 where I was blessed to listen to his lovely music every day. 

Abdelwahab Nour is an artist I know since 2018 when I lived in Muscat, Oman and he is drawing wonderful pictures of other cultures. 

Corinne and Flo are guests who visited Oman and we shared tea and good memories on the mountain Jebel Shams. They are writing a blog