My name is Andrea


I am born in Switzerland in 1982, grew up in the mountains, studied and worked in my home country but also abroad.

Travel Experience

I have been traveling all over the world and have visited about 60 countries. I have been working in different fields of tourism and lately as a tour guide in Oman. IMG_20180716_100604


I speak English, French and German. Some other languages like Arabic, Spanish, Dutch and Italian are on basic or intermediate level and I am still learning and improving my languages. IMG_20180716_100513

Education & Experience

I got my Master of Business Administration degree with the Major of New Business in Switzerland. I have worked in well-known companies in Switzerland and abroad, such as in Oman, France, Germany and the Netherlands (at least 6 months each country). During my life I have also worked in more than 10 summer camps as a counsellor or team leader with kids and teens.

If you need my CV please ask me. scannen0001