Wherever you go, you take all with you.

September 2015: Almost going to turn 33 (is this already the midlife crisis they talk about?) and wanting to travel, heartbroken from the last separation with the long lasting relationship, near a burn and/or bore out from her last jobs, finishing MBA studies after repeating lots of semesters.

Finally she struggled inside with her decision and … and then friends think she goes crazy. Her family wanting her to start a family (and all around the question: are you married?), a “safe and secure” life and what she do, that shy girl? Backpacking for months, then years … alone? As a woman?

Did you already experience, someone telling you before your trip that you try to escape? Escape from your – they call it – real life? Noooooo, it is not even possible, you leave your comfort zone? Even your comfort zone was not that comfortable? Why do you leave your routine, your safe haven? How can you just leave all your friends and disappear?

And then there are others, totally happy you go away, that you live your life, that you are more courageous than they are. And that you really GO. And they believe in you.

What this girl needed the most was:

She believed she could and so she did.

Mostly in life, there is an inner call to go, to change your life or something happens that you must change your life. Whatever reason it is, some decide to travel, others follow their passion and decide for something else.  

Neale Walsh slogan is that all change is a change for the better. Honestly, in my opinion, I did not need to experience all I did to get something better. I would also have been grateful for some experiences not to have happened. But at the end, it is better, or it is not the end, they say. I would just call it what happens after or before, is different, not better, not worse, but different. And it is all a process, your whole life.

Anyway, all is about your own perception, but there are some models from famous people, who mastered their journey from a call to restoring order and taking a new place in the old world, when they came back from traveling, for example. Therefore is every trip on our circle of life, the journey of a hero as Joseph Campbell names it?

In my opinion, something first seeming a bullshit in my life, the Coronavirus, made me stop my traveling, that I have been doing for almost 5 years, and I returned to Switzerland.

But here, right now, I enjoy myself with writing text under lockdown, in my own home office. And doing it, it is like giving my elixir I found worldwide to others. Is this change better? I would call it different. For me, a pause, something new and I make the best out of it.

Another big misunderstanding some people think, is, that when you travel, you will just be happy everywhere, but no. Let us make it clear.

Wherever you go, you take all with you. All.

Your parts that are still not healed, your fear, all your feelings and even often it is more intense. Because you travel in unknown places, every day you have to organize your stay, your food, all that you get at home much easier, because you know where it is. All is routine at home. So even at the most beautiful beach, you can sit and be worried, or sad or in fear for your next day, night, or even think of your family at home and miss them.

The best is just, you have your time and mostly you can decide when you want to do what and this is pure freedom. And even this you need to get used to it. At home in your comfort zone it can be the same, if there is too much freedom, like under lockdown, I mean freedom of having time to spend for yourself, and some people are not used to it and fear it, because they are not used to care about themselves, their feelings and worries, to be alone. So it is true.

Wherever you are, you have all with you.

Life always happens. I did learn a lot about spirituality, I also had some visions in my past who came real and telepathy, my intuition is strong.

At the moment I take part in a 21 day challenge. If you also want to follow, take your pen and a workbook and answer the questions or note all you know about yourself. Make a better Self.

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