A small present

Today is already the beginning of September 2021 and my last update on my homepage www.funexpected.me was in January 2021, about 9 months ago. Since then a lot has happened.

I originally planned to move to Costa Rica in February 2021 for at least 6 months, but suddenly my plans changed. I wanted to go to a turtle reserve to assist with scientific research, as a tourist guide, to improve my Spanish as well as travel and discover all of South America. However, this big dream is postponed at least for a while, as I await for more research to be done for the vaccination and also there is some other news.

This year in March and April I decided instead to fulfil another dream so I went back to Oman for 2 months, mostly to say hello and goodbye, and to enjoy my freedom without work there, just being by myself and to see my dearest friends as well as to take all my stuff back home since my future at the moment will be in Switzerland, my home country where I grew up.

Back in Switzerland, I finished my first small video named 39, because I will turn 39 on 27th of September 2021. Please have a look here: It is in German. Watch video (finished march 2021):

I started to save money, instead of traveling all the time and to find an apartment for myself and my future baby. Yes. I am pregnant (since 10th of January, conceived  in Slovenia). Some big news and a surprise for me too as it was unplanned and unexpected. But always in my mind since becoming 35 I must admit that the lockdown and corona situation helped me to travel less and to think about my life as well as make other plans.  If I still had a job and a life as a tour guide, maybe I would never be pregnant and have a baby. So I was very suprised that I quickly became pregnant.  Who knows, what happens if you do not plan, let life happen and your wish is in your mind (sounds like a manifestation)?  Even pregnancy is a gift you cannot plan but thankfully I have accepted it.

My new situation will be a challenge for me. It changes all my life, because I was a Nomad for about 5 years, without a fixed jobs or my own apartment, mostly without a boyfriend next to me, totally independent.  Now, however, all is upside down and 180 degrees different. Haha, my baby has already travelled in my belly to about 10 countries during my pregnancy. So I guess in future, I will be just a slower and a quieter traveller, but maybe at the end, not a lot will change.

I have no idea about being a mama and no idea how it will affect my life, but I feel more or less ready for this small baby and my new dreams becoming true. I guess at the beginning I will feel like I travelled 50 hours without sleep, searching for hotels (nappies), going from airport to airport (baby’s mouth to my breast) and looking for sightseeing places (kitchen, bathroom and bed). Guests are always welcome whenever I am not looking like a Zombie of my own movie thriller.

I already know that I will be less often online or in contact with all my followers and friends, because I have my biggest fan wanting me 24/7, my boy. But from time to time I will keep you updated and for sure I will let you know when and how many kg this new life begins.

All the best and lots of love and think about the proverb: IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. And I am looking forward to meet you again with my baby.


Pregnant Woman
Pregnant Andrea